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Spirit Week

Spirit Week at East Orlando Gym

Join us for Spirit Week at East Orlando Gym & Wellness Center from July 1st to July 6th! Embrace the fun and excitement with a variety of themed fitness classes and activities. Here's the lineup:- July 1st (7:00pm): 80's Xtreme Hip Hop Step - July 2nd (6:15pm): 80's Cycle - July 2nd (9:15am): 80's Piyo - July 2nd (10:15am): 80's Stacked - July 3rd (12:15pm): Hawaii Silver Sneakers - July 4th (5:00pm): Bike Parade - July 5th (9:15am): Beach Party Bootcamp - July 5th (10:15am): Beach Party Zumba - July 6th (10:15am): Family ZumbaCelebrate the spirit of community and fitness with us through a series of energetic and fun-filled sessions designed for all ages and fitness levels. Don't miss out on the vibrant atmosphere and great workouts!

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