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Tara Brooks

Group Exercise Instructor

Tara Brooks has been a dedicated Zumba instructor for nearly five years. Fortunate to have had exceptional mentors in the Avalon Park area, she developed a passion for Zumba after the birth of her second child, seeking a way to focus on her health and well-being. Tara's fitness journey includes a background in track, races, including a half-marathon and triathlon. The combination of dance, exercise, and socializing drew her in, and she fell in love with Zumba.Despite her full-time commitment at UCF, Tara is thrilled to be a part of the East Orlando Gym team and join the Avalon Park community as a Zumba instructor. Grateful for those who believed in her, she is dedicated to sharing the joy of dancing and burning calories with others, fostering connections within the fitness community.

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